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I been at value place for over a year in arnold Missouri and they don't.Have hotvwater 90% of the time the other day I had to take a ice cold shower before work for the amount of money we pay we should have hot water all the time this is been going on since last summer I don't rember the month ca ouse it's been so long.

plenty of time for them to fix it.If problem dosent get fixed so will be contacting a nwes station and filing a complaint with better Busis Bureau about the no hot wT

Monetary Loss: $220.


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I am staying here now and have been for about 5 months ever since we lost our house to a flood in January and the hot water is decent now..The complaint I have is the Wi-Fi, not only do they charge for an open network but I've paid $20 a week since January 9th and I found out two days ago that they have only ever had 2.4ghz internet connection speed and no high-speed 5ghz connection at all.

When I asked the management about it not only was I refused a refund to equal out the $10 a week I should have been charged but I was practically insulted by the manager who became immediately defensive after questions about it.

It's called stealing!!I will be contacting the BBB and am considering pressing charges.

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