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#####Avoid Value Place Plainfield,IN 46168 Avoid######

Value Place aka Woodspring Suites 6295 gateway blvd. Plainfield,IN 46168

ValuePlace Plainfield Indianapolis and nationwide are all bad places!

Value Place Scammed and overcharged me and stole from me its a terrible dishonest place!

Revolving door employees and managers and head managers all are terrible people who harass people for power trips because of their own horrible existence and no life!

What happened to good customer service when people are paying good money and you are providing a service in a competitive market???????????

Drunks NOISE!!!!! everywhere........people laying in halls passed out! Need ICE and immigration to go there ASAP!


As a business traveler...I have traveled all over the world and have never seen such a terrible hotel! Value Place is a million times worse than I ever experienced!

People there cannot drive or park without hitting your new car and blocking you in and beating the *** out of your car.

Value Place hotels are made of paper and are so noisy you hear everything above,below,both sides like they are sitting next to you!

And the kind of people they let in.....OMG!

Police and fire depts everyday with warrants and arrest made!

Day Labors,bedbugs,Scams ,illegals,illegals ,illegals  illegal fees,charges,scams,changing prices,lies,lies scams......they will tell you anything to get you in!

Value place has a big paid staff to put fraudulent good reviews on social media and review sites!! They try very hard to stop complaints and free speech about the bad mgmt. of Value Place...its just about the money by EXTREMELY GREEDY CORPS TO FILL Dirty HOTELS AND ROB PEOPLE BLIND HOPING NEW PEOPLE WILL BE UNAWARE!

They will not throw out bad people if they burn the place down! Its about filling rooms and money!

Not a nice place.... customer service and care does not exist!

Cheap paper walls,poor construction terrible cancer smoke fills all rooms from the chain smoker crack heads  and then the slamming doors all night u will not sleep...complain about outrageous illegal crime and they throw you out.

Everybody there is a chain smoking alcoholic bringing in truck loads of beer daily!

We need immigration and border patrol there. Nothing but, immigrant construction crews hiding from ICE and dirty drunks and terrible people thrown out of every decent place on earth. Just the facts!


Go find another bottom dollar cheap place super economy bottom tier hotel BEDBUG HOTEL......Valueless JunkPlace!

Dirty brown tap water .....Floors full of hair,vomit,*** and dirt!!

They have threatened numerous people with law suits if they complain ABOUT how terrible it is and losers hanging about!

Banging,Slamming and Fire Alarms going off Daily! Kids running around all night no supervision Police and Fire Dept daily with people burning *** in their rooms....drunks,illegals,Noise,Screaming 24/7

Respectable places would throw out the criminals!

Police arresting people daily on warrants etc....

Complain and they will throw you out and steal your money and deposit and make other threats to sue you like they or Gods and Kings that you have no right to complain about the millions of problems !!

Go somewhere else...this is not the place for good people!!

Find SOMEWHERE RESPECTABLE value place is not it ......

The worse place on earth...noise,crazy people with illegal people smoking in every hall,doorway,lobby,stairway..drunks all over halls all night yelling police and fire was there twice... no parking...doors slamming people fighting 24/7. Mgmt is useless and throws out people illegally and keeps their money if they complain as we heard a manger screaming and cussing at two senior citizens in wheelchairs about fees and deposits they were keeping and evicted them and threatened to call police when the old folks were polite and did not deserve such a attack!

Bugs,roaches,ants rates,fees changing you will never know what you owe from day to day or when your check out date is only when they hit you with a 100.00 late fee and your rate doubles or triples! Criminals illegal immigrants drunk singing Spanish all night long. The noise was unbearable on both sides above and below with couples screaming,fighting and slamming doors every 5 secs all night until 6am. We had to leave early and find another hotel.The lobby was closed often and was told limited hours. We did not get a refund and they hit us with all kinds of fees and damages even though we did nothing.Value Place aka Woodspring Suites

This reviewer shared experience about " terrible,noise,illegal immigrants,drunks,lies,cheats,fees,theft,noparking,slamming,banging,fighting,nasty,paper thin walls,overcharges,fees millions more problems hoorible place" and wants this business to issue a full refund. The author is overall dissatisfied with Value Place and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Your pics look a little plagiarized???


We're sorry to hear you feel you were treated unfairly but almost all of your characterization of us as a chain is false. Our employees care about every guest experience and we are committed to providing every guest with a safe, comfortable, simple experience.

If you'd like to talk about your experience with someone who can help please call 844 WSHotel. Thank you.

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